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hand-shakeIn the increasingly competitive service market, clients and consumers have more choices to retain immigration consulting services.  Why will a client hire you?  How can you win clients’  trust and confidence?  Among many elements, I think the following two are most important. First,  you should be a qualified professional, competent in the area of business, knowing what you are doing and doing it right.  In order to serve your clients well, you must keep updating your knowledge and skills, familiarizing yourselves with the latest changes and developments of immigration law and procedures.  In this respect, CSIC’s continuing education and professional development program plays a crucial role.  It requires the CSIC members to keep abreast the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in Canadian immigration and in ethical operation of consulting business.  Secondly, and more importantly, you should have a high level of passion and responsibility towards the services you render to your clients.  You should put customers’ interests above your own interests, giving each and every case adequate personal attention and duty of care.   It is simply irresponsible if you just let your clients’ cases be handled by assistants or from an assistant to another.  Each case’s situation is different, and it deserves careful strategic considerations and skilled preparation  by an immigration professional before it is submitted.  Immigration is such an important matter for those who have dreams to start their new life and career in Canada.  We, as immigration professionals, have the duty to work heart and soul to achieve the best result possible for our clients following the professional standards and rules.

Careful and conscientious preparation in details and rendering personal attention to each client’s different and speicific situations are very important and rewarding.  Most recently,  one of my clients’ immigration application (federal skill worker class) was processed to the fianl stage by a visa office in the United States without the need of having language exam and personal interview.  This case was acutally quite complicated and the applicant was in a situation where the chance of success was not rosy, espeically at the time when the applicant’s occupation was not exactly within the current occupation list.  However, due to my strong, well worded and reasoned representation based on facts and the purpose of the immigration law, I successfully convinced the visa officer that this applicant is exactly the type of person that Canada needs and values.  What a result it was!  My client is so happy and appreciative to the work I have done, which is the highest reward to me.  It made my day!

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