About Us

JR Associates Consulting LLC is a New Jersey based immigration consulting firm specializing in US and Canada immigration matters. We offer professional consulting services in two languages: English and Mandarin Chinese.

Our firm focuses on helping our clients:

  1. attain permanent residence status in Canada or in the United States
  2. obtain student or temporary worker visas in Canada or in the United States

Where We Add Value

It is true that immigration applicants are not required to use a third-party representaive. However, it has been strongly proven that a thoroughly prepared and professionally advised application will go more smoothly and yield a significantly higher success rate. At JR Associates Consulting, we employ our extensive experience and expertise along with our high level of professionalism and commitment to maximize your odds of success.

Canadian Immigration

In the past few years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada refused a substantial percentage of worldwide applications under the skilled worker and business categories. Our historical success rate for Canadian immigration applications has kept a remarkbly high percentage. Although we cannot use this figure to guarantee future success, we hold a high level of confidence for every case we represent. As a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC, Member of  former regulatory body, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC , and currently Full Member of the new regulatory body, Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC), we are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to competently advise and represent you in each step of the visa application process.

US Immigration

With 8 years of US immigration experience, we assisted our clients on a variety of US visa and Green Card matters, including visa application and/or change/extension on B-1, B-2, H-1B, H-4, H-2, H-3, K-1, K-3, L-1, F-1, E, O, TN visas, applications on PERM, Employment-based Green Cards (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3), Family-based Green Cards, Nurse Green Cards, and applications for asylum. For additional details on our US immigration service offerings, see Services.


Ning Jin has over 12 years of experience advising clients on a wide range of US and Canadian immigration matters. Prior to starting JR Associates Consulting, he worked with law firms such as Rosenblatt Associates (Toronto), Sills Commis (New Jersey), Xu & Iacona (New Jersey) and other US corporations’ Legal Departments focusing on US/Canada employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visas in addition to corporate/commercial and international business law matters. Formerly a law professor in China with numerous legal publications in Chinese and English, Ning holds B.A. in English, LL.M. in International Economic Law from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China, and LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from University of Iowa. He also furthered his doctoral studies at University of Toronto in International Trade Law from 1994 to 1998. Ning is a notary public in the State of New Jersey, and has been a certified Canadian immigration practitioner (CCIC) since the inception of  Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), the regulatory body of the industry in Canada endorsed by the Canadian federal government. CSIC has been replaced by ICCRC from June 30 2011.

Why hire a certified consultant?

The answer is simple and straight.  A Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC) has knowledge of the latest legislation, practices and internal procedures of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Most applicants, who choose to submit their applications on their own, will comsume considerable energy on completing the immigration forms and gathering all the documents, but to find themselves embarked on the process with little or no knowledge of the Canadian immigration system and its decision making procedures.  On the other hand, valuable time is wasted in many instances where people, who choose to save money on professional fees, make crucial errors, and it is often too late to seek professional advice because irreparable damage has already been done.

Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants are regulated professionals serving the interests of enhancing the public confidence. In April 2004 the Canadian government regulated the immigration consultancy industry. The primary goal was protecting vulnerable consumers of immigration services. The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultant (CSIC) was incorporated in October 2003 as a self-governed regulator, operating at arm’s length from the Government of Canada. To fulfil its mandate CSIC has established strict admission criteria, rules of professional conduct, and complaint and disciplinary mechanism. Of the three types of “Authorized Representatives”(Member of the CSIC, Canadian lawyers and Quebec notaries), CSIC members are strictly subject to a code of professional conduct specifically created to address practice in the field of Canadian immigration. All CSIC members are required to carry errors and omissions insurance with coverage up to 1 million Canadian dollars per incident.

CSIC is also committed to the education of its members. All members have to meet continuing professional development requirements. The Canadian immigration system is extremely dynamic: laws, policies and practices are frequently being reviewed and changed. The CPD requirement and the ongoing CPD activities available to the CSIC members help the certified immigration consultants keep their professional knowledge current.